Can You Put A Price On Wall Support Safety?

At Prop Pal, we think you can.

Forget old fashioned

wall support methods

Unlike conventional and unsafe methods used in the building trade to date, the Prop Pal needle is designed so that a builder’s prop location into the needle is locked in position once it has been wound up.

At the other end the swivel plate has 4 holes where it can be fixed to the floorboards, securing it in position.

AND…Dual Application: The Prop Pal method (using the jacking screw plate) OR as a standard needle support (by adding the extra plates to the base of the jacking screw plate or by removing jacking screw plate from the main body).

Proof tested to

1050kg load

The Prop Pal needle is manufactured from S275 Structural Steel and has been proof tested to a safe load capacity of 1050kg.

To achieve this capacity means that it was given 25% of the proof testing capacity of 4200kg. So, a safe load of 1050kg is well within its capability. However, the safe working load should not be exceeded.

The old models of Prop Pal were given 1500kg (50% of 3000kg) so technically the new model MK3 PP1200 is far superior in strength but to comply with current regulations of 25% it has been certified with 1050kg.

Installation is

quick and easy

– Minimal disturbance to flooring and ceiling when using the jacking screw plate
– Length 1200mm creating more space for working around and installing steel beams
– Acrow prop can slot in at both ends of the needle for extra security and stability
– Dimensions of the needle (w: 170mm and d: 60mm) allows for Prop Pal needles to fit easily through the size of one brick – SWL 1050kg and made from S275 Structural Steel with coated rust resistant components for greater durability and strength.


S275 Structural Steel proof tested wall supports

S275 Structural Steel proof tested wall supports

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Other benefits and features of the Prop Pal needle include the following:


Manufactured in the UK!


Only needle support in the building trade to include a jacking support system to provide extra stability and safety for temporary wall support.


The jacking support can be adjusted to securely support the inner leaf wall whilst the acrow supports the external.


Minimal disturbance to walls, ceiling and timber floors can be left intact.


Greater access for inserting steel beams – Prop Pal needle length: 1200mm


Dimensions of needle ensure that it will slide through an aperture (on a home property wall) the size of a metric size brick:  215 x 60mm


Takes the stress from hiding steel beams.


Secure fastening to internal floors.


Load capacity 1050KG.


Secure locking of props.


Takes away the uncertainty from propping. No lateral force on builders props as weight is transferred along the Prop Pal needle down through standard builders props.


No lateral force on the props which can cause them to bend.


Support cavity walls evenly and more securely due to its strength resulting in little or no deflection.


You can also purchase Prop Pal Needle System extra plates to attach to the base of the jacking screw plate to slot a prop in giving builders an extra 100mm in space between props and saves time when wanting to use Prop Pal as a standard needle. You can still remove the jacking screw plate to slot props at both ends of the needle system if you want to. The versatility of Prop Pal: Using Prop Pal as a standard needle enables builders to support masonry and steel beams in a traditional manner as well as supporting walls above the floor chamber as originally designed for – In effect this gives builders a dual application for using Prop Pal. 

A Prop Pal History

A professional needle tool for temporary wall support

A Prop Pal History

Stephen, a builder with 25 years’ experience and a brickie by trade, first came up with the idea for his new acrow prop needle four years ago while mulling over an issue that he was increasingly facing on site.

He had noticed an architectural trend for forming new openings in walls, which required steel support beams to be hidden within the floor chamber creating a flush ceiling effect. Installing needle beams in this way means that temporary wall support must be provided above the floor chamber and under the floor joint.

“After years of putting needles through cavity walls using old pieces of steel and timber, then packing with slate followed by a prayer that it will be okay until the steel goes in”, Stephen decided that there had to be a better way of doing the job.

“The most common way of working has been to put needles up through the wall above the floor and put an Acrow prop on either side, but this means making holes in the ceiling and floor and the needles can be quite easily knocked. l was thinking there had to be something better out there, had a look to see what is available and the research came back blank and I was gobsmacked that there was nothing out there that could do the job”, explained Stephen.

“I must have been mulling it over in my subconscious for some time because it was a bit of a eureka moment and I woke up one morning with the idea. It just came to me. just jumped out of bed and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and sketched it.”

After making a model out of plywood, Stephen set about finding someone who could build a prototype Prop Pal for him out of steel. The first one “didn’t cut the mustard” so he went to somebody else and the product has been developed over time. Once Prop Pal was finally manufactured to Steve’s satisfaction, they became available for purchase in May 2018. – As featured in Master Builder.

From needle support to acrow props - supporting extensions, bifold doors and interior walls


Steve’s son David Cheshire came on board as Business Development and Co Director to generate an awareness of Prop Pal and its benefits to builders and hire companies. In February 2019, David had his breakthrough moment with Smiths Hire. Thomas Smith was highly impressed with the product and the rest is history.

Over the course of a few months, Steve recognised that Prop Pal could be modified to give the needle system a versatile use. The Prop Pal needles now include builders’ acrow prop slots at both ends as well as a removable jacking screw plate. This allows for Prop Pal to give support for extensions, bifold doors, and interior walls.

During this time, Prop Pal was being purchased by builders across a number of regions in the UK and gaining momentum.

The revolution of the temporary wall support needle system, Prop Pal

There is a revolution happening with temporary wall support for the building trade now that there is a safe – easy – secure solution provided by the Prop Pal needle system.

With building designs becoming bigger and more complex, Prop Pal is now in high demand.

Prop Pal is now available to hire in 5 of the 12 UK regions and they have also been purchased by builders from 7 of the 12 UK regions

Jasen MD of Prymo Residential as seen on Channel 4’s ‘The Money Maker’.

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