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For product: Prop Pal Plus

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Product Details

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Full Specs

Key Features

Retaining Pin

For product: Prop Pal Plus

  • Jacking Support System
  • up to 1050kg Safe Working Load
  • up to 600mm Wall Thickness Support
  • 1800mm Length

Full Details


Q. Can you use Prop Pal Plus as a secure standard needle?
A. Yes. Remove the jacking screw plate shoe and lock acrow props securely at both ends.

Prop Pal in Action

Extra benefits of the Prop Pal system

• Manufactured in the UK!

• Only needle support in the building trade to include a jacking support system to provide extra stability and safety for temporary wall support.

• The jacking support can be adjusted to securely support the inner leaf wall whilst the acrow supports the external.

• Minimal disturbance to walls, ceiling and timber floors can be left intact.

• Greater access for inserting steel beams – Prop Pal needle length: 1200mm

• Dimensions of needle ensure that it will slide through an aperture (on a home property wall) the size of a metric size brick: 215 x 60mm

• Takes away the stress from hiding steel beams.

• Secure fastening to internal floors.

• Secure locking of props.

• Takes away the uncertainty from propping. No lateral force on builders props as weight is transferred along the Prop Pal needle down through standard builders props

• No lateral force on the props which can cause them to bend.

• Support cavity walls evenly and more securely due to its strength resulting in little or no deflection.

• You can also purchase Prop Pal Needle System extra plates to attach to the base of the jacking screw plate to slot a prop in giving builders an extra 100mm in space between props and saves time when wanting to use Prop Pal as a standard needle. You can still remove the jacking screw plate to slot props at both ends of the needle system if you want to. The versatility of Prop Pal: Using Prop Pal as a standard needle enables builders to support masonry and steel beams in a traditional manner as well as supporting walls above the floor chamber as originally designed for – In effect this gives builders a dual application for using Prop Pal.

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