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Prop Pal Plus

Ideal for stone build properties or when installing steel box frames for greater space

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Product Details

£350 per Needle excl. VAT

L: 1800mm | W: 170mm | D: 60mm

  • Manufactured from S275 Structural Steel
  • Certified safe working load of 1050kg
  • Secure fastening to internal floors
  • Props lock securely into Prop Pal system for greater stability
  • Price does not include delivery
  • Free collection available
  • Free delivery to anywhere within 25 miles of SK2 postcode
  • If you wish to purchase more than 12 needles, please contact 0161 456 0758 for more information

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Full Specs







Safe Working Load



S275 Structural Steel

Locking Slot

Included on both ends


CE Marked


 Made in Britain

Key Features

Prop Pal Plus

more suited to stone buildings

  • Jacking Support System
  • up to 1050kg Safe Working Load
  • up to 600mm Wall Thickness Support
  • 1800mm Length

Full Details


Q. Can you use Prop Pal Plus as a secure standard needle?
A. Yes. Remove the jacking screw plate shoe and lock acrow props securely at both ends.

Q. Can you use Prop Pal Plus if the beam is running parallel to the floor joists?
A. Yes. Place timber spreaders at ceiling height, 90 degrees to the floor joists and support using builders props – see downloadable guidance for more.

Q. Do you need to place Prop Pal Plus Needles centrally to supported wall above?
A. No. You can have one end of the needle as close to the wall.

Q. What is the recommended spacing between needling?
A. The maximum spacing for any needle support is 900mm. So if your opening is 5metres, you would need 6 Prop Pal Plus Needles.

Q. Did the thread on the jacking screw plate have a load test?
A. Yes. It was certified with a SWL of 1050kg. This is 25% of the 4250kg that they were tested to and the main body of the needle tested even higher but it has to be rated at 1050kg – do not exceed the certified SWL.

Prop Pal in Action

Prop Pal Plus selected for interview with Peter Haddock at the 2023 Executive Hire Show 2023 as part of the Innovation Trail.

Extra benefits of the Prop Pal system

• Manufactured in the UK!

• Only needle support in the building trade to include a jacking support system to provide extra stability and safety for temporary wall support.

• The jacking support can be adjusted to securely support the inner leaf wall whilst the acrow supports the external.

• Minimal disturbance to walls, ceiling and timber floors can be left intact.

• Greater access for inserting steel beams – Prop Pal needle length: 1200mm

• Dimensions of needle ensure that it will slide through an aperture (on a home property wall) the size of a metric size brick: 215 x 60mm

• Takes away the stress from hiding steel beams.

• Secure fastening to internal floors.

• Secure locking of props.

• Takes away the uncertainty from propping. No lateral force on builders props as weight is transferred along the Prop Pal needle down through standard builders props

• No lateral force on the props which can cause them to bend.

• Support cavity walls evenly and more securely due to its strength resulting in little or no deflection.

• You can also purchase Prop Pal Needle System extra plates to attach to the base of the jacking screw plate to slot a prop in giving builders an extra 100mm in space between props and saves time when wanting to use Prop Pal as a standard needle. You can still remove the jacking screw plate to slot props at both ends of the needle system if you want to. The versatility of Prop Pal: Using Prop Pal as a standard needle enables builders to support masonry and steel beams in a traditional manner as well as supporting walls above the floor chamber as originally designed for – In effect this gives builders a dual application for using Prop Pal.

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